UberTube Wordpress Theme - Rating, Reviews, Preview, Demo & Download

UberTube Preview Wordpress Theme - Rating, Reviews, Preview, Demo & Download
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Theme Description

Ever dreamed of building your own YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion with a WordPress Theme? Dream no-more, UberTube’s here, packed with a Video Front-End Sumbission system, Subscription System for Users, User Playlists and Live Notifications, brought together by Visual Composer, to create an eco-system where you or your users can thrive. Nowadays, running a Video Website is costly, so we decided to do the heavy-lifting – the theme will embed and integrate with any major video site that you can think of, at no additional cost and automatically. Passionate about videography, videos, vlogging, course videos (learning) or simply just wanna take on the big boys of Video? This theme’s for you. Let’s get going.

Full List of Features:

a) Build pages using Visual Composer
b) Allow Users to Subscribe to Each Other
c) Allow Users to Create / Share and Edit Playlists
d) User Live Notifications
e) Auto-Import of Videos (Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion)
f) Advanced User Back-end
g) Edit Videos (Image, Title, Description)
h) Edit Playlists (Videos, Names)
j) Edit Profile (Images, Social Links)
k) Comment on Videos
i) Share & Like Videos

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