Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the purpose of WP Themes Directory?

WP Themes Directory (WPTD) aims to index all Wordpress Themes in one place, therefore making finding, comparing, rating themes easier.

Can I add A Theme?

Yes, you can add your theme yourself. In fact, you can add any theme, and use links containing referral ids for download/buy links.

I want to claim a Theme Listing

If a theme is yours and you would like to claim that listing, contact us. You will need to prove that you are the publisher/owner of that theme.

How are themes updated? and Themeforest Wordpress themes are updated automatically by WPTD crawler. Descriptions, prices, screenshot, preview and download urls of themes are automatically updated.

If you have a theme listing, you will need to keep it updated yourself, since it wont be automatically crawled.

How are ratings calculated?

When a theme is added for the first time, their initial vote counts and rating are saved if they are from or Themeforest. After that, the rating at WPTD is independent of the source and it changes with the ratings users give to themes while commenting/reviewing.

Can I rate/review a theme?

The rating feature allows you to rate a theme once when commenting. You wont be able to rate a theme twice, or take back/change your rating.

Im the theme owner, i want to respond to some comments

Just register and comment under your theme.