Bellatrix Wordpress Theme - Rating, Reviews, Preview, Demo & Download

Bellatrix Preview Wordpress Theme - Rating, Reviews, Preview, Demo & Download
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Theme Description

WordPress Portfolio Theme Sale

WordPress Portfolio Theme

One Page Theme Shutter Page


SideFlow Single Portfolio Navigation

One Page Theme Shutter Page


Best WordPress Portfolio Theme


Best WordPress Portfolio Theme we ever made. Bellatrix is a WordPress Portfolio Theme. WordPress Portfolio Theme Bellatrix is also One Page Theme and comes with unique Shutter Pagefeature. Bellatrix have advanced WordPress Portfolio Theme features. It also supports multi-page design. You can build your site by using WordPress Portfolio Theme Bellatrix. Bellatrix got so many unique features. Bellatrix comes with Rock Page Builder. Rock Page Builder is a drag and drop page builder. You can build your site up to 5X faster with Rock Page Builder.

WordPress Portfolio Theme Bellatrix

It’s very easy to use WordPress Portfolio Theme Bellatrix. You can build your portfolio by using WordPress Portfolio Theme Bellatrix. You can also build your gallery too. You got some awesome items to show, build your showcase by using WordPress Portfolio Theme Bellatrix

Shutter Page

Bellatrix uses the new design consept Shutter Page. Shutter Page is a new ERA on one page design. Bellatrix Shutter Page provides 5x higher performance than regular one page design.

Feature List


Bellatrix comes with advanced portfolio element. This element is fully responsive and will look beautiful on different sizes. There are so many features in WordPress Portfolio Theme Bellatrix. One of the powerful features is our advanced portfolio. These are some of the powerful WordPress Portfolio Theme features of Bellatrix ;

  • Single Item Navigation
  • Masonry Mode
  • Wall Mode
  • Ajax Category Filter (Loads items in the category)
  • Ajax Load More (Loads more item in the active category)
  • LightBox Effect
    • LightBox Video (HTML5 Video)
    • LightBox Video (Youtube Video)
    • LightBox Video (Vimeo Video)
    • LightBox Image
    • LightBox Gallery
  • Grid Layout
  • Hover Overlay Color
  • Hover Overlay Opacity
  • Like System
  • 1- 12 Columns Columns
  • 1 – 12 Columns Blocks


Rock Page Builder’s advanced Portfolio element, built on Shutter Page. Our unique system, will enable single item when clicked on. You will see your single item details without page refresh. Moreover, the system will allow you to navigate between other elements easily. And it will do all of these awesome tricks with beautiful motion effects. Here are some of the awesome features ;

  • Single Details without Loading
  • Item Image
  • Item Video with Placeholders
    • Supports HTML5 Video
    • Supports Youtube Video
    • Supports Vimeo Video
  • Item Share Social Icons
    • Supports Facebook
    • Supports Twitter
  • Item Like System
  • Full Screen Button For Lightbox
    • LightBox Video (HTML5 Video)
    • LightBox Video (Youtube Video)
    • LightBox Video (Vimeo Video)
    • LightBox Image
    • LightBox Gallery
  • Meta Details
    • Client Name Field
    • Project Website Link Field


When you use our Advanced Portfolio Single items, you will see a beautiful navigation. SideFlow is the entire system we use here. This navigation will allow you to navigate between single items smoothly. SideFlow, is beyond a regular navigation and brings so many powerful features. While your visitors viewing your projects, photographs, images or items, they will see SideFlow. Here are some of the key features of the SideFlow ;

  • Starts With Smooth Transition
  • Closes With Smooth Transition
  • Navigate to Next Item (Without Loading)
  • Navigate to Old Item (Without Loading)
  • Load More (When reached to last item, load more gets enabled. So you can load more item and enjoy the viewing items).
  • Uses Hash navigation.
  • Loads item via their Hash URL.



With our 3 breakpoints in grid, your website will look beautiful on every device. We have built our grid on ultra responsive design. Our elements are also using fluid layout to fit on different sizes beautifully.



You can use Azoom in your Wordpress Multi Site. Azoom works under your WPMU beautifully. Our Rock Page Builder, Curvy Slider and Rock Form Builder also works under Wordpress Multi Site.



You can enable left menu features in our Theme Options. Just with one click you can turn your website to a left menu website. It is that easy with best wordpress theme features come with Azoom. You can also check out our Allefty Demo to see left menu live!


Rock Page Builder


  • Drag and Drop Columns
  • Grid Backgrounds
    • Supports Background Image
    • Supports Background Image Overlay Color
      • Supports Color Opacity
    • Supports Background Color
  • 1 to 12 Columns Support
  • Use Empty Columns
  • Columns Padding
    • Supports Padding Top
    • Supports Padding Right
    • Supports Padding Bottom
    • Supports Padding Left
  • Align Content in Column Vertically
    • Supports Top
    • Supports Middle
  • Move any Column any where easily
  • Animate the Column you want
  • Set delay to Column animation
  • Move Column anywhere with new Quick Move feature.



You can use as much Special Grid as you want. You can set different colors backgrounds videos for different areas set ID’s for them and use it in deeplinking side navigation. One Page Parallax, Multi Page sites just as easy as clicking.

  • Insert Before Sidebars
  • Insert After Sidebars
  • Background Image
  • Fixed Parallax
  • Advanced Parallax
  • Background Element Matrix
  • Background Video
  • Background Color
  • Fixed Parallax Color Overlay
  • Advanced Parallax Color Overlay
  • Background Video Color Overlay
  • Youtube Background Video
  • HTML5 Background Video
  • Vimeo Background Video
  • Light Font Colors for the grids
  • Hash navigation
  • Set ID for the grid
  • Full Screen Grid
    • Sometimes you want to display your content in full screen. It’s an amazing way to give unique information. Special Grids will calculate the screen size of the user automatically and resize itself to fill the width and height in full.
  • Full Width Grid
    • You can enable full width grid easily. When you enable full width grid, your elements will be starting from the left side of the screen without any margin. Works flawlessly with our amazing Portfolio element.
  • Enable/Disable auto padding



You can use predefined templates or build your own templates with Rock Page Builder. It’s very easy to save your template with Rock Page Builder. When you save your template, you can simply load it on different pages.

  • Save Your Rock Page Builder Templates
  • Load Your Rock Page Builder Templates
  • Add New Rock Page Builder Templates
  • Delete Rock Page Builder Templates



Elements in the Rock Page Builder can turn into shortcodes easily. If you want to get the shortcode of an element and use it somewhere else (like footer or different widget areas) you can simply use our “Send Content To Text Editor†button. This will display the shortcode version of your layout. You can then copy it and paste it on different areas you want to use

And so much more…



Images and media files used in demo are not included in the theme package. Media files credits can be found down below!



Special thanks to Vadim and amazing graphic work he’s made and let us use those beautiful files in our demo. His awesome portfolio is here ;



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